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Instructions on how to use the Cooliris / Piclens browser plugin.

Piclens / Cooliris snapshot

Cooliris, formerly known as Piclens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen 3D experience for enjoying online media.

Pompey-pics.com has Cooliris / Piclens features enabled which means you can enjoy all of the published images on this site in a 3D image preview wall.

To enjoy this feature, Piclens / Cooliris can be downloaded and installed onto your PC as a browser extension. Please see the Cooliris website for instructions.

Just click the Cooliris icon that appears when you hover over a thumbnail, and a 3D wall will appear showing you thumbnails of all the published images available on this website.

Cooliris works by downloading the fullsize image stored on the servers one at a time. It may take some time for a particular image to load when you open it in Cooliris, or use the slideshow feature, depending on your internet connection. Please be patient.

Cooliris is currently only supported by IE6+, Safari and Firefox (Windows and Mac). The developers are working on other browsers but at this moment no others are supported.

We hope you enjoy this feature and continue to use it as more images are uploaded and published.

You can also try Cooliris Preview which allows you to preview links and rich website media without clicking or leaving your current page, so you can browse the web faster than ever. Simply mouseover your link or the Cooliris icon, and a preview window instantly appears with your content. No more clicking back and forth!